Opinions on Abortion

By Katie Welch

Why is abortion controversial?

People are either pro-life or pro-choice. Having an abortion means to kill the fetus in your womb, so that you are no longer pregnant and will not have the child. Some believe that it should be the mothers choice if she wants to have the baby or not, while others believe that every child deserves to be born.

Trump's opinion

Donald Trump is pro-life and he will not fund planned parenthood. He thinks that having an abortion is wrong, but if you were raped, it's incest, or depending the mothers circumstances there is a few exceptions. Trump says in an interview " I'm totally against abortion, having to do with planned parenthood" He will not fund abortions at all. He plans on making a law that abortions are illegal

Republicans in congress' plan

Republicans believe in pro-life. They think that the baby should be born and deserves life. Once the baby is born, there should be options like adoption if the mother isn't capable of raising the baby.

Hillary's position

Hillary is pro-choice. She believes that it is the mothers choice on what she wants to do with her baby, but it should be an option if the parent does not want the child. Hillary states "I think abortion should remain legal. But it needs to be safe and rare" from an interview. She also supports foster care and adoption. Hillary is going to set a law that abortions are legal and it is the women's choice

Democrats in congress' plan

Democrats are ok with abortions. They think that it is the parents choice. However, they have a 20-week ban which means that they can not abort the baby after 20 weeks. At 20 weeks, the fetus will be able to feel pain, so they think that by that point it is not okay to abort the baby.

Presidential candidate Jane Stein's opinion

Stein thinks that every women should have pro-choice rights. Everybody is provided with health care, and she thinks that women's reproductive rights should also be provided.

Presidential candidate Gary Johnson's opinion

Johnson thinks that it should be the mothers choice. He believes planned parenthood is very important, but it should be left up to the mother what she wants to do.


Pro- Choice:

  • NARAL Pro Choice America
  • National Abortion Federation
  • National Organization for women

  • National Right to Life
  • Pro-Life Action League
  • Operation Rescue

My Opinion

I believe in pro- choice. I think that it is the mothers choice in what she wants to do with her life and her baby's life, and it shouldn't be illegal to abort the baby. Everybody's circumstances are different, and there should be help for whatever the mother/parents want to decide.
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