Christmas Concert Information

For ALL Parents

Costumes for K - 8 - Letter sent to parents

Here is a copy of the letter sent to parents last week. We hope that everyone has been able to provide what is required.

Please see the following list for what is required per each class for the Christmas concert. If you would kindly send in what is needed for your child no later than Wednesday December 10th it would be greatly appreciated.

Kindergarten: brown black or white socks

Grade 1: Bright coloured tee, jeans, black shoes

Grade 2: Boys: black shoes

Girls: white knee socks and black shoes

Grade 3: Plain White long sleeve tee

Plain white bottoms (sweats or leggings)

Wht or Christmas red socks

Grade 4 : White knee socks with black shoes

Grade 5: Black shoes

Grade 6: Black or brown socks

Grade 7 & 8: Good blue jeans. No rips, patterns or low riders please.

If the shoes that are going to be used are the child’s school shoes, please inform the homeroom teacher.

Tableau Clothing for K - 11

On the three nights of the concert K - 8 students should arrive to school wearing their school uniforms. Once at school they will change into their costumes. Students will change back into their uniforms once their performance has concluded and they are preparing for the Tableau.

K-8 - Girls should be in skirts or uniform dresses (no navy pants); Boys should all be in grey shorts with knees socks or long pants. Both boys and girls should have short sleeve uniform tops with no sweaters.

9-11 Boys should wear long grey pants and girls in their skirts with navy socks. Both boys and girls should have short sleeve uniform tops with no sweaters.

Rehearsal Times for Sunday, December 13 - Grade 9 - 12

Sunday, December 13 - Grades 9 - 12 are required to attend a Dress Rehearsal from 5:30 - 7:30. All students in Grades 9 - 12 are required to attend. There will, also, be the Alumni Choir attending during this time. This will be a full run through of the Tableau without the elementary and middle school students.

Concert Arrival and Departure Times for all students K - 12

The Concert is being held on the evening of Tuesday, December 16, Wednesday, December 17 and Thursday, December 18. The Concert begins at 6:30 and will conclude at 8:30.

Arrival/Departure times for K - 8 - Students must be in their classrooms by 6 pm - They can be collected at 8:30. Parents must come to the classroom to get the students.

Arrival/Departure times for Gr. 9 - 11- Student must be in their assigned classrooms by 7 pm. (Grade 9 - Room 12; Grade 10; Room 11A; Grade 11 Room 11B)

Gr. 12 students who are in the Tableau should be in the Senior Lunch Room by 6:30.

Last Day of School - late start

On Friday, December 19 students may arrive at school for a 9 am start. Throughout the morning students will be having regular classes. Dismissal for K - 5 will be at 11:30; 6 - 12 at 12 noon.