The Boy Who Saved Baseball

Michelle Neece


The author is trying to teach you to fight for what you love and never give up.


Maria was the girl that Tom secretly liked. She was very tough and always stood up for herself. I can compare her to Abby Hollingsworth. On the outside they appear tough and mean, but on the outside they are like a soft, caring teddy bear.

How Tom changed

In the beginning of the book, Tom was very shy and didnt know how to feel about Maria. In the end he began to be more outgoing, social, and he told Maria how he really felt.

The climax

The climax of the book was when they were playing the game and Tom hit a fly ball. It was a very intense moment in the book. I thought that one of the other players on the other team was going to catch it but all of them fell down. They ended up winning and all the effort they put into it was worth it.

My dad is my hero

My dad is my hero because he got skin cancer when he was 30 years old and he has been fighting for 6 years. He tries to make the best of everyday and ends up making everyones day brighter. He has always been there for me and he never lets me down.