Zombie Survival Guide

Ahhhh!! Zombies

coastal range

coastal range is a segment of the pacific mountain system.It is consisting of of a series of ranges in the west part of the united states.the climate of the coastal range is cool dry summers and mild wet winters in the north i rate this reigon 7 out of 10 because it is really good for transportation from rivers to highways and even the pacific ocean.

coastal plain

the coastal plain stretches from new york to southern texas.its climate is mild hot summers and very cool summers.i rate this 8 out of 10 its got great transportationand theres good farm land.

great plains

the great plains is the broad expanse of flat land much of it covered in prairies it lies west of the mississippi river west of the rocky mountains.the climate is very hot summers and cool winters. i rate this 3 out of 10 because its bad for farming and gets very hot somedays so its a bad reigon.