Katniss Everdeen a Tragic Hero

by Alexis Seckinger

The Hunger Games- Rue's Whistle

Katniss was once an Ordinary Girl

Katniss was as poor and mediocre as everyone else in her district. Eveyone had the same chance of being picked to fight in the hunger games. She risked her life when her sister was picked. Many of the other districts trained their whole life for the hunger games. The only thing she had as an advantage was her hunting skills, but just like Peeta was strong everyone has their own skill. After voluteering to take her sisters place and surviving she became an idol to her district and they became proud of her.

The Downfall of Pride

Although Katniss is not boastful and proud of her survival after taking her sister's spot in the reaping to joing the hunger games her district becomes prooud. District 12 starts to feel invincible because she AND Peta won when that was not supposed to be allowed. The capitol did not want them feeling so powerful so they started killing random citizens in the district. So by her risking her life and making her district proud it led to their demise.

Katniss Everdeen

Six Qualities of a Tragic Hero

1. A character of noble stature and greatness.

2. They are flawed, similar to ourselves.

3. The hero's downfall is partially their fault.

4. Their misfortune if not wholly deserved.

5. Their fall is not a pure loss. Increased awareness or self-knowledge is gained.

6. The audience is not left in a state of depression.

(Bold text are the qualities Katniss shows.)

Why Katniss is a Tragic Hero

She provides for her family through her hunting skills; this is the one skill that isolates her from the rest of her district. She is flawed like us, she does not have all the skills she needs, one of the reasons she is considered a tragic hero. She feels loss when she is supposed to fight someone she knew as a child to the death and when she has to take her sisters place in the games risking her life. She did not deserve this misfortune which is another reason she is considered a tragic hero. Although Katniss took her sister's place and risked her life she did not die, instead she found a way to survive and in return saved her sister and Peeta as well. So her decision was not a pure loss, she got hurt but she saved lives along the way which is another reason she is a tragic hero. Lastly she is a tragic hero because her district gains hope for themselves. They feel sorry for her and it was sad that she had to fight and kill to survive but it brought hope to a district who had almost given up. Which also brings her a noble stature. They see her as a symbol of hope.
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