Do You Lead a Church in Louisiana?

your church may qualify for compensation

BP wants you to file a claim

A recent settlement has been reached with BP over the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. The $7.8 billion settlement makes all businesses – not just those on or near the coast or affiliated with tourism, seafood, or fishing – eligible for compensation. Nonprofit organizations, including churches, are also eligible for compensation.

The number one misconception about the BP settlement is that nonprofits and churches do not qualify. They do! In fact, BP has already paid out $1.4 billion in settlements, and many churches and other non-profits are among the claimants.

You do not have to prove direct harm from the oil spill. You do not need to be located on or near the coast. The settlement area includes every Parish in Louisiana.

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ClaimsComp specializes in the recovery of funds from settled class action law suits for businesses and non-profit organizations. Our experienced claims managers have helped more than 180,000 people since 1999, and have recovered more than $240 million in class action funds.

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As you can imagine, class action settlement claims can be complicated and time consuming. They require specific knowledge of the claims process and the legal details of court protocol. ClaimsComp is staffed with experienced claims analysts who have helped thousands of people file their claims. Spend your time ministering, and let us handle your claim.

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Pastor to Pastor

If it’s too good to be true, it probably IS, right? Not this time. We were convinced we had absolutely no shot at a BP Deepwater Horizons Claim, and that it wasn’t even worth taking a look. ClaimsComp really opened our eyes, however, and the process has been so seamless. You owe it to yourself to at least have a conversation with these folks … like us, you may be in for a nice surprise!

Tony Byrd, Lead Pastor

MorningStar Church

If you have further questions contact Derryck McLuhan, Regional Claims Manager. Only 1% of projected claimants have submitted a BP claim, and certain deadlines apply. Let us help you today!


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