The Attic Library

...find a book. Borrow it if you want!

Up on the third floor,

on the opposite end from Classics,

past Academic Support,

across from the stairwell

are comfortable couches & chairs & a collection of books about topics for students who are curious or want to learn more about:

race and culture

sexuality and gender

eating disorders or substance abuse

suicide or stress

date rape



just getting by....

These are the books for you. Dip into them, take note, take some home. Figure out what your question is, what answers might work for you, what other people might think or do. Discuss. Or not.

Stop by. Browse the titles. Suggest new ones if you'd like. Be sure to borrow the books for as long as you want to.

Coming soon:

And don't forget to email us at to let us know if you have any suggestions for new materials or topics. If you want to leave an anonymous note, please place it in Ms. Jones' or Ms. Mercer's faculty mail box. Thanks!