Inventions 2

MP3 Week 4

Part 1: ePals Invention Contest: Think it!

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ePals Spark Lab! Invent It Challenge!

Click here to explore the challenge and get inspired!

Part 1: Brainstorm

Write down the problems you see that need solving in you Inventor's Notebook!

  • Get inspired! Go to the Invent It Challenge website (above) with your home facilitator and discuss the challenge with your home facilitator (you do not need to decide right now if you want to enter your invention in the contest)
  • Look around! What health related problems do your see that need solving?
  • Get out your Inventor's notebook and start listing the problems you see!
  • Add your list of at least 5 ideas to our classes Google doc! we'll discuss them as a group in chat!
  • Please bring your inventor's notebook to chat!

*If you have already decided on an idea, list your one idea and the reason why!
Click Here: Sharing Our Invention Ideas!

Click the link above! Include your name! Include your idea list!

Part 2: Catapult Design Challenge: Sketch it!

Part 2: Sketch it!

  • Watch the presentation on catapults: click the first link below!
  • Begin sketching your catapult design: click on the second link below & print it out!

*Do not begin building your catapult yet! We will be discussing in chat how to make your catapult both precise and accurate!

*You should also start gathering your materials!

#1: Click Here: Learn About Catapults!

Click the link above to learn about catapults & the design challenge!

#2 Click Here: Design Challenge Constraints

Start sketching your design ideas using the design constraints listed!

See You in Cyberspace!