the 4 technology generations

computer tech generations By shihab ali

the first generation

The first generation of computing was made up of vacuum tubes and was useful for machine language it was mostly used on mathematical tables and numeral calculation. the first generation was made in WWW 2 and it was difficult to use and it looks different as we see nowadays. The first computer was made by John Atanasoff the computer was called the Atanasoff-Barry computer. Not to mention the first generation computer was extremely slow and designed to do specific instruction.

the second generation

The second generation was developed in 1956 to 1963 the second generation was more compatible and more faster also more energy efficient and more reliable then the first generation computer. The first generation of computer took out less heat from the computers whereas the second generation of computing took out more heat from the vacuum tubes. It was made by three scientists j.Bardeen, H.W Brattain and W. Shockley. The second generation computer also has faster input/output device which brought improvement to the computer system.

the third generation

The third generation was developed in 1964 to 1971 the third generation of computers were more faster and efficient also keyboards and monitors were produce so we can use them easily also it was able to do more advanced tasks and can carry out more instructions then the second generation of computers. It also has an better operating system which can run more applications at an time with a central memory which stores more data and can carry out more than the second generation. It was invented by Robert Joyce and Jack Kilby. The third generation was also made when the WWW (world wide web invented) in 1989 and was used in the third generation.

the final generation

After 1971 the fourth generation computers were built and it was the extension of the third generation. It was an faster more reliable and more powerful. Also compatible and more affordable also it was made in thousand chips inside which made the computer do many things such as storing data recent activity and was created by William Shockley. The fourth generation which was called (PC) and also has input and output devices.