Manga Creation!!

How to create a manga successfully !!

What is manga????

Manga is a japanese graphic novel targeting adults as well as children. It was developed in the 19th century. Since then it has improved and evolved.

When you start thinking about making a manga...

When trying to make a manga, you must first have a plan on the theme, characters and the set genre such as school life, romance, drama or many different others.

It's a fun hobby and a possible career!!!

While thinking about the creation of a manga piece...

You want to think of how the story will be set up. For example the placement of each panel and how the scene, speech bubbles and the characters will fit

Manga University !

This website offers online classes to help you improve on your manga drawing skills by offering you home study course with a reasonable price. Also for a little more money you can have a deluxe version of it that comes with a USB that contains lessons and drawing materials. Both of these come with a diploma.