Rhetorical Triangle

SarahKate Lookabaugh

What Is It?

The speaker's ability to persuade an audience using logos, ethos, and pathos.

(these appeals form the rhetorical triangle)

When Do You Use It?

When writing a paper and wanting to appeal to the audience using these techniques:

logos: appeal to logical reasoning

pathos: appeal to emotion

ethos: appeal to ethics/credibility

Why Do You Use It?

Using the rhetorical triangle is beneficial because it can help you persuade the readers and appeal to their emotions, make yourself credible and provide facts in a way that will build you up as a writer. Also, when annotating speeches made by others, we can see the clear purpose and intention of writing certain things. The Rhetorical Triangle is a method of persuasion and used very often whether we know it or not.

How Do You Use It?

You can use the Rhetorical Triangle in your daily life in a number of ways. At school you may be asked to annotate a speech for the purpose and can use logos, pathos or ethos to help you out. When persuading a parent to let you buy your first car, one may use pathos to appeal to their emotion by saying,"But mom, you didn't even remember my birthday last year. If you love me you'll buy me this new Jeep Wrangler so I won't feel neglected." We use Ethos, Pathos and Ethos so often in our life without even realizing it.