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Sukhsimarpreet Singh (Simar)

I first got Sukhsimarpreet Singh on March 9, and he was a strong healthy boy. He had dark brown skin and hair, and brown eyes. I found him adorable from the minute I got him. His name was inspired by a cousins friends, friends name (Sukhsimranpreet) and the middle part, Simar, was changed by his nani (my mom).

Our two days together

I was very excited to spend my first day with Simar. He was quite good for the first few hours, and cried for the first time at lunch. I panicked at first because I was not sure what he wanted, but I was able to calm myself down and provide him with his needs. My biggest fear from the moment I got Simar was breaking his neck. I tried to be as gentle and delicate as I could be with him at all times.

Me Feeding Simar for the first time ↓

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Family and Sleeping arrangments

My family was very involved with Simar and took every chance to help out with caring for him. My dad was not too fond of him, but every one else thought he was very cute. Simar slept with me on the mattress in our living room, as it was less disrupting to my family's sleep at night. Caring for Simar at night made me realize just how much work babies really are, and gain much deserved respect for all mothers and fathers.

Clothing and Diaper bag

At school I kept two layers of clothing on Sukhsimarpreet (onsie, shirt and pants) to keep him warm, as I go home for lunch and did not want him to get cold during the car ride. I would swaddle him before going out each time and made sure to cover his head with the blanket or his hood. I kept his bottle, one change of diaper, his blanket, pajamas and two changes of clothes in his diaper bag. At home he would wear more comfortable clothing such as his onesie or night gown.
By the second day I was familiar with what Simar wanted and when. He was not a very fussy baby and would calm down as soon as he got what he wanted. He was most active during fifth period and during the evening. I had to attend to Simar around every two-three hours and was able to fit his needs into my daily routines with ease. We were able to have fun together in many ways at home such as watching basketball (Simar supporting the Lakers in his jersey and shorts in the picture to the right). Unfortunately I was not able to take him out and experience others reacting to him, but did enjoy sharing the experience with peers and family; who were all very eager to hold him and learn about his routines.

Overall opinion

My two days with Sukhsimarpreet Singh were very enjoyable and I was able to learn the many responsibilities that come with having a child. I acquired an attachment to him within the little time that we spent together. Personally I adore talking care of children, and felt very accomplished whenever he would laugh or I would satisfy his needs immediately. Even though I enjoyed the experience very much, I know that taking care of a baby 24/7 is with out a doubt a lot harder than it seems. Although I found this to be a great learning experience, it definitely makes you realize that taking care of a human being is no joke.