Ms. Manzella's Technology Toolbox

Tools for the ELA Classroom

Welcome to Honors American Literature!

During the 2015-2016 school in 11th grade, we'll be exploring American Literature through novels, short stories, poems, expository writing, and letters along with several projects, presentations, and essays. To help us remain connected, on top of the many assignments, and aware of assessments, I will be implementing several tools that you will be required to check frequently.

"Why Do We Need To Know This?"

One of my strategies is to incorporate technology in the classroom for non-instructional uses, outside of our daily work. The Remind app is a wonderful communication tool that will allow us all to communicate about the assignments and class expectations. Along with simply having another medium to know when things are due, the Remind app allows students and parents to communicate with me via text and other messaging forums if there any questions about assignments and content.

Class Dojo is the school-wise behavior management tool! Aside from the fact that each student will have a cute, cuddly monster as an avatar, it's incredible effective along with our PBIS implementation for discipline. Students and Parents can log into the classroom dojo and check to see how many points they were awarded or they lost each and every day!

Plickers is an application I will implementing constantly throughout the year. It's a quick way to assess student learning and updates in real time to allow students to be able to see their progress in accordance with the class as a whole. I will be also be sending out individual student reports from the Plickers app whenever I send home parent communicative items (report cards, parent notes, etc).

There will be lots of ways we implement technology this year, but these are going to be our guiding lights and best forms of open communication. During the first week of school, I will be sending home an information card with the appropriate sign up information for parents and students!

Here's to a wonderful year, 11th graders! (: