Canada 2070

What will Canada look like in 2070?


How will the population look? How will Canada's immigration change? Will the First Nation get there rights? how will Canada be like in 2070? how will our lives be different from our parents? Well let's find out.


What are some problems today that will impact Canada in the future? Many problems.

-air pollution

-water pollution


-over pumping oil

-water wastage

-over pumping ground water

There are so many problems that will have a really big affect on us in the future. We are lucky to have the great lakes to supply most of Canada's water but, if we don't keep our only supply of clean water clean, we can't have that water in the future. We also pump too much groundwater. If we pump it all up we cant have any water left for the future. In the future water will be like gold. Air pollution is also a problem. Not much of a big problem now but more in the future. Right now Canada is the 6th most polluted country in the world. Now lets get to oil pumping. We will eventually run out of oil. Canada is pumping so much oil to the U.S. that there aren't even enough pipe lines to carry the oil. When the oil does run out, Any remaining oil will be super expensive. There would be no cars on the road because they don't have any gasoline. It would be hard to get food because there is no transportation. And no transportation means that fires wont be taken out either, the fire truck can't get their.



Canada is the 2nd largest county in the world and has a population of 35,939,000 with a large portion of people aged from 20-60 and a lower number of children and an even smaller amount of elderly. Canada's population in 2070 is predicted to be about 46.84 million people. Looking at this population pyramid below for Canada in 2070, it shows us that Canada has a low birth rate and a low death rate. Canada has an increasing natural increase rate. Canada has a birth rate of 1.61 births per woman, which is really low compared to Canada in 1960 which was 3.81. Canada's death rate is 7 deaths/1,000 population. when all these young people are elderly their deaths will impact the death rate of Canada.

Population Pyramid 2070

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Immigration System

Canada's immigration system is getting stricter and stricter. In the past Canada would let anyone from anywhere to come here to Canada and settle down. There wouldn't be such a big process, which we have now. You have to follow the point system in order to come to Canada. You need to have a total of 67 points to immigrate to Canada as an independent worker. In the future it will be harder to immigrate because the immigration system will get even more strict.

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Imigration In the Future

Will the same immigrants come from the same countries as today? Yes and no. In the future I predict that more people will immigrate from Africa. But the equal amount as Chines and Indians. Currently the most people immigrating to Canada come from china and India.That will be the case in 2070 too because lots of people from from china and India will come to Canada to start a business or to study. Many Chinese and Indian people will get sponsored and come as family class immigrants too. Africans will start immigrating to Canada for a better life style. that is why these three countries will have the most immigration. But Canada wont have as many immigrants have as many immigrant over the years as they do now. As countries develop people might not immigrate over to Canada. People will mostly immigrate to Canada for jobs and business.

Push and Pull factors


Africans will leave their country because they have a poor life style. In some parts of Africa they have bad education and bad health care. They don't have clean water, not much food, bad homes, and low paying jobs.


They will come to Canada because Canada has good education and free good health care. Canada has clean water good homes and good paying jobs.

Some things that might prevent immigrants coming over to Canada in the future is Canada's climate. People will come from warmer countries and might not like the cold weather in Canada. Also people might think that taxes are too high.

Current First Nations Situation

There are around 1,836,035 aboriginals in Canada. 52.6% of the aboriginals live on a reserve and the rest live off the reserves. Most reserves don't have clean drinking water and they have to boil their water before you drink it and most of these reserves are in the colder parts of Canada. This is why almost half of the aboriginals live off reserves. Aboriginal also get some tax benefits but it's not a lot. The First nation kids were taken away from their parents and sent to school and put in residential schools. Many children committed suicide or went into depuration.


PM Justin Trudeau makes 5 commitments to First Nations

Justin Trudeau is talking about the importance of first Nations and apologizing to the first nations for the troubles that we caused them. He is making commitments to the first nations people.

The Future of First Nations

With new organizations trying help save the first nations like the First Nation Future Program, the First Nations lives can get better. The future of the First Nation looks pretty good. More and more people are realizing how important the First Nations are. The government is starting to invest in the First Nations education and they are also starting to lift some laws that restrict the First Nations. 2070 can be one of the best years for the first nations communities.
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Canada 2070


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In the end I think that Canada's demography looks pretty good as well as our immigration system and the future is not only good for Canadian but also the First Nations too. But Canada will still face many problems in the future.