A Work In Progress (flawful)

By: Connor Franta

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Every memoir has certain characteristics that help make it special and stand out of the crowd. They only focus on a brief/short period of time. Each memoir can be unique in its own way but it must have a conflict or struggle. Memoirs reveal the authors thoughts, feelings and also the lesson the learned. The writer uses details and figurative language that bring the story to life and paint a picture in the readers mind.
This chapter focuses on about ten minutes of the authors life, when the author got into a fight, and was called fat by his brother. He hadn't noticed it before his brother pointed it out, but after that he realized that his brother might have been right.


The theme of the story is that you need to embrace yourself and not worry about what other people think.


This chapter reveals the writer's thoughts and feelings multiple times. An example is when he says " I remember the sting of those words". He is telling the readers that he was feeling sad and hurt because of something someone said.

literary devicses

In this book the author uses devices like medaphores and similes to bring the story to life. An example of a time when he used a literary device is when the author says " Like a football to the face in the middle of winter. What he means by that is, It hurt a lot. When the author says " Confidence and smiles are just masks we wear" he is using a medaphore because he is comparing smiles and confidence with masks. I think what he means is that even when you are smiling with confidence you are not showing your true self.


After talking to his mom the author learned that he was okay with his body. If other people thought he was fat, he didn't care. He realized that he shouldn't care about what other people think about himself, because its his body not theirs.


" If you like you that's all that matters. If you don't maybe you could work out why that is". I think that quote can really help people that are not feeling good about them self. If some one says something bad about them, they shouldn't care as long as they like them self.