Desert and water snakes .

Desert snakes and water snakes are bad!So watch out!

desert snakes hunt at night to stay cool but water snakes hunt in the day time to stay warm desert snakes do not have as much as water snakes to eat so go longer without food water snakes have lots of food it is just harder for them to get there food both of the snakes can catch food to stay alive but both can starve to death !

Snakes need to be safe with all kinds of animals

The problem is that einstein is every day to help save rare animals you can donate money .To help build homes to live in so they can live in the home and can be watched as they are in the home. They can recover and be saved and not go einstein .The website was instagrok There are up to 100000 animals that go extinct every year. If you want lots of beautiful animals donate to help save rare animals

Non venomous and venomous snakes

I got this off of instagrok snakes there is about 3000 kinds in the world and about 600 of them are venomous .that means 2400 of them are not venomous that is a big difference. in the us there are 7 to 8000 venomous snake bites a year but only 1 in 50 million people die. by a venomous snake there is about 20 different venomous snakes in the us. 16 rattlesnakes 2 caral and 1 cotton snakes in the us.

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this is a viper a venomus snakes
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this is a non venomus snake !!


  • cotton mouth snake- is a water moccasin
  • extinct- no longer active or no longer existing
  • rare animal -animal that is all most extinct
  • rattle snake-any of the various poisonous american snakes with a rattle at the end of tail
  • venomous snakes - is a snake that has a deadly poisonous