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Mr Bowyer Tied Up

Students were shocked yesterday when their principal Mr Bowyer turned up to the easte Hat parade without an Easter tie on. Deputy Principal Mrs Hidson commented, "I can't believe it. The man has a tie for every occasion! What was going through his mind while he was getting dressed. I'm not sure if the children and teachers will ever recover." Mr Bowyer refused to comment by observers were quick to note that he had his Thursday tie on today.

Miss Graetsch Sums It Up


Miss Graetsch today declared that no student would be allowed to move up a grade until the could complete all of their required maths concepts. "I don't care if the all stay in Kindy!" she declared. Parents are a bit concerned and colleagues are staying clear as Mis Graetsch roams madly around the school asking kids random maths questons. One child was allegedly trapped in a tree for the entir lunctime period. Mr Bowyer, principal of our school, is considering a lock down.