Colonies Report

By Adam Briggs

How the story began

The colonist came from the country England.The church of England didn't talk enough of the religion so, some colonists came over to the "New World" to practice a more pure version of their religion. They were called Puritans.

Where the colonies were located

The colonies were in a place called the Massachusetts Bay area. The names of the colonies are now names of states. The colonies names were Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.
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What the colonist did in the colony

There were plenty of jobs in the colony. You could have been a farmer working in the field. There was also a blacksmith, a general store, and if you a were a woman you could have been a teacher. The minister was one of the most important jobs, because he talked all day at church.

Rodger Williams

Rodger Williams was a minister. He was expelled because he stated his beliefs in his sermons. When he was expelled he founded Rhode Island.

Anne Hutchenson

Anne Hutchinson was expelled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony with her husband William. She held religious meetings at her house, and she stated her own beliefs during the services. Anne was brought to trial in 1637.

John Winthrop

In 1630 John brought a second and larger group. He was the governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony. He was the governor for 20 years.

King Philips War

In 1675 the Indians started to dislike the settlers. The Indians felt this way because the settlers were kicking the Indians of the their land.The war began when the Indians destroyed a town named Swansea. At least 3,000 Indians were killed.