The Outsiders Chapter 3

By Ryan,Connor,Lachlan

Themes in this chapter


Ø Ponyboy doesn’t get along with Darry.

Ø Johnny’s father beets him and his mother ignores him.

Ø Two-bit’s mother has to work at a dinner just to stay afloat.

Judging others

Ø Ponyboy thinks that the Socs have it easy.

Ø The Socs think that all Greasers are hoods.

Ø Cherry and Marcia are going to ignore them when they get back to school

Ø Ponyboy thinks Darry hates him because he is hard on him.

Characters in this chapter

· Ponyboy Curtis

· Darry Curtis

· Sodapop Curtis

· Johnny Cade

· Keith ‘Two – bit’ Mathews

· Bob

· Randy

· Sherry ‘Cherry’

· Marcia


· At the movies

· The lot

· The Curtis boys house