Learning in Bloom

Growing independent thinkers

Readers are Thinkers

We have been studying the six habits of thinkers all year. We have been applying these thinking practices into our learning. Most recently, we have been flexible with our thinking. We have been using our schema to help us infer. Ask your 1st grader what inferring means. They know! We use the pictures, words and the title of the story to help us read between the lines. We use our schema (background knowledge) to help us make connections and understand things that are left out in the story. As we begin to read more complex books, our comprehension becomes essential. To review the 6 Habits of thinkers, check out the website below. Your child should be able to explain each one to you at home!


Spring Narratives

We continue to work on our end of the year spring narratives. These stories will come home soon. It is amazing to see the writing progress that we have made this year.

Sammi did a great job confidently sharing her finished narrative with the class. One of the 6 thinking habits we have learned this year is "Sharing Ideas Confidently". Way to go Sammi!

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Defending our Mathematical Thinking

We have worked hard all year learning how to share our mathematical thinking. It's important to not only know the answer, but be able to verbalize HOW we know it (the steps we took, related facts that help us be efficient, etc.). This week we practiced a very complex, multiple step story problem all about "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." Many students came up with different answers, but their THINKING and REASONING while defending their conceptual understanding blew me away! Check out the video above!
Defending our mathematical thinking

We solved a similar problem to The Itsy Bitsy Spider problem. This one was about cookies. Each Day Katie bakes a half dozen cookies. She gives half away. If this pattern continued, how many cookies would she keep for herself after 5 days?

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Learning About Life Cycles

Spring Survey of the Culture of Enrichment.

Please take 2 minutes to fill out this survey. We have worked hard to "grow thinkers" this year and your feedback would be appreciated! Thanks so much!