Corporation's Control over Society

By: Zoie Jones


The main way that corporations influence society is through media. As these corporations have grown in size, so have their power and influence. So why should we care?
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How do corporations use media to influence us?

The media companies that shape our values, beliefs, and decisions on a daily basis, whether we notice it or not. A recent study showed that almost all the media we see comes from the same 6 corporations.

  1. General Electric: Comcast, NBC, Universal Pictures
  2. News-Corp: Fox, Wall Street Journal, New York Post
  3. Disney: ABC, ESPN, Pixar
  4. Viacom: MTV, Nick Jr, BET
  5. Time-Warner: CNN, HBO, Time
  6. CBS: Showtime, Smithsonian Channel,

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Negative Influences of Media on Society

The media affects the way we act and think. Sometimes the things we see in the media affects us in a bad way. Often times you might find yourself trying to imitate the behaviors you see in the media. Eating disorders is a problem that is often attributed to the images of skinny models and actors/actresses that can be seen on television. The negative influences of media on society are endless. It affects you physically, emotionally and psychologically.
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How the Corporate Media Have Shaped Youth Identity

  • The value of children as consumers and their influence on their parents spending.
  • Young people have become major targets of an advertising and marketing industry that spends over $17 billion a year.
  • Disney's marketing tactics utilize the idea that parents who want their kids to keep up in the competitive world must supply them with every available product.
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Importance of Being Educated about Media's Control over Society

The media dictates everything we know about. Society cannot be ignorant of the fact that the media portrays the world to their benefit. Even though the news media has a serious obligation to report facts, but they also have their own interests at heart. The struggle to seek out unbiased and independent information has become increasingly hard.
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