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Current IB Theme: How We Organize Ourselves

In this IB Theme, we are learning about our decisions, and how individual and group decisions can effect the the entire community.

This is a perfect theme to start a school year, with the discussion of rule and agreements. However, it lends itself to so much more. This theme is also a perfect spring board for the 'scientific process'.

We just completed a fun STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) investigation about boat building. However, It was not presented in simple way. This is where inquiry based learning is so effective. With very thought provoking teacher support, the children discovered the concepts of buoyancy, materials, shape, and dimensions before cooperatively planning and building a boat.

The children did step-by-step testing and data collection. Rather than being told what works and what doesn't, the children discovered it themselves. There were a lot 'flops' (don't make a boat out of play-dough), but we learn through failure and persistence.

Some of the engineering designs are shown below!

Big image

How it started...

The inquiry began with an orange in a bucket. Will it sink? Will it float? Try it!