Sports cards

By Holden Abramson


Sports cards are a very big industry. People collect sports by buying packs selling packs and cards and trading. There are multiple brands.Sports cards are very popular. You can buy them at any retailer.

Fun facts

1.Topps and Bowmen made cards in 1956. In the 80s Fleer and Donross and in 89 Upper Deck made cards.(Wikipedia)

2. Bowman was the first to make sports cards.(Wikipedia)

3.Explorers have found $1 million of baseball cards in a Detroit warehouse.(Sports illustrated)

4. Baseball cards were originally made in America (Wikipedia)

5. There were cookies and gum in baseball card packs.(Abramson)


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Who makes sports cards? Well, according to Wikipedia, Topps makes sports cards.

Some other brands that make sports cards are Bowman, Fleer, Donross and the Upper Deck.

Are sports cards worth money? Yes, sports cards are worth money. The better condition they are in the more they will cost.

Where do you buy sports cards? You buy sports cards at your local retailer or a convention/websites of the brand you're looking for.

What are the major types of sports cards? The major types of sports cards are baseball, football, NASCAR and hockey.

Why do people collect sports cards? People collect sports cards because it's a hobby, to be social and become a bigger fan .

How old are people that collect sports cards? Many different age groups of people collect sports cards.