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This weeks happenings

Secret Service Enlistment

This week at The Orchard we talked about what it means to share Christ's love. As an exercise in learning how to do that, each of our kids, should they choose to accept, were given a 'Secret Service Assignment'.

They are encouraged to do 7 secret acts of kindness this week. While we would like them to keep these acts 'secret' from those they are serving, we want you to be aware as they might need assistance in some instances.

Thanks for your help!

Murder Mystery Sunday

This coming Sunday, during the second service we will be solving a murder mystery! Shhhh, the details are a secret, so if you have figured it out don't give your kids any hints. There will be special guests, clue gathering and other fun.

For those of you who normally come to third service, this once you might want to consider rolling out of a bed a bit earlier. There will still be Sunday School third service, but no murder mystery party.

See you Sunday!