Beowulf Hero Project

Maddy Casey 4th Period

Part 1: My Hero, Maddie

My hero would have to be my best friend, Maddie. I look up to Maddie because she tends to be a voice of reason, she helps me decide huge decisions before I make them and she always give the most helpful advice. I would say Maddie is always there for me no matter what and if she can't be somewhere when I need her, she does the most she can to still be a great help. Maddie usually gives me advice that will lead me in the right direction and what the best choice is for me to make. She's a very trustworthy and loyal friend.

More About Maddie:

Maddie and I have had classes together since the start of 6th grade but we really didn't become friends until our freshman year of high school. We usually do everything together and having a best friend with the same name as you is actually awesome because it's almost impossible to forget our names.

Maddie and I have been friends all through High School:

Part 2: Analysis

Hero Quote

“And then a hero comes along, with the strength to carry on, and you cast your fears aside and you know you can survive, so when you feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong, and you'll finally see the truth, that a hero lies in you.” – Mariah Carey

I think the intention of these lyrics are to mean that a hero can get you through a hard time and give you the strength or ability to move on. Mariah Carey described the hero as in the hero lies in you meaning that you can find the strength to carry on and eventually when you reflect on yourself, you are a hero too. I think the message of these lyrics are, you are able to pick yourself up and carry on with any situation you are in, you just have to give it time.

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How is Beowulf a Hero?

Beowulf has shown traits gat make him a hero, Beowulf volunteers to go fight the mythical beast, Grendel when he is attacking King Hrothgar's mead hall herot. Beowulf goes and fights Grendel tearing off his arm and saves the castle. Beowulf showed an heroic trait of bravery by saving the King and everyone at the mead hall herot. Beowulf is called to defeat another monster, Grendel's mother who takes her sons arm back to their lair. Beowulf fights hand-to-hand and kills Grendel's mom. Beowulf showed his bravery once again.

How is Maddie a Hero?

Maddie has shown many traits in my life of being a hero as a friend. Maddie is always there for someone in their time of need and she always tries to be there when she can. Maddie is a hero to me because she helps me make rough decisions that I can't always make myself and she helps choose the best solution. I know Maddie would stand up for me anytime I needed it and that is a hero to me.

Part 3: Themes and Symbols


Deadly Battle - Harry Potter: In almost every Harry Potter movie there's a deadly battle scene or scenes. There's usually a deadly battle that Harry has to fight and win to be a hero.

Allusions to the Bible - Son of God: The Son of God is a perfect example of an allusion to the bible because it portrays how Jesus died and how things went back then.

Bravery - Alice in Wonder Land: Alice shows bravery by following her actual dream and finding her true self by being able to figure out she does not want to marry that King and she wants to be adventurous.

Shepard of Evil - Jafar in Aladdin: Jarar shows the characteristic of evil because he constantly tries to take Genie from Aladdin and become King, so he does evil things to get himself there.

Fate - Ella Enchanted: Ella was cursed by a fairy when she was a baby to do whatever people command her to do, the curse didn't happen to Ella because she was singles out, it happened by Fate and now she has to undo the curse.

Epic - Enchanted: The princess fell in the sewer and was transported from the cartoon world to he real world. The more had a lot of singing in it and in the songs, there are examples of epics in the poems.