Trying to go Viral

By: Kamran Haq and Ana Hanaei

Disease- Ebola

Virus- Filovirus

Symptoms- Fever, Headache, Muscle aches, stomach aches, diarrhea, lack of appetite, and severe bleeding

How it is spread- It can be spread through direct human contact or exchange in body fluids

Is it Fatal- It is fatal and death may occur in about eighty percent of people who have it

Treatments- There are no known cures for Ebola however medical care is always available to ease the tension of the disease

How to prevent yourself from the disease- Try to stay away from people who have been infected and wash your hands frequently

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Information about viruses

What you saw above is an example of one of the deadliest diseases and in this article we will provide you enough information you need to know about viruses and diseases.

Viruses have a DNA or RNA structure that contains a protein coat, a caspid, and a lipid membrane, also called an envelope.

Viruses can infect cells and use cells to create more viruses.

Viruses attach to a host's cell, then injects its DNA or RNA into the cell. Afterwards, the cell divides into more cells that contains the virus DNA or RNA.

Viruses are much smaller than the cells they infect.

Viruses are not cells because they cannot reproduce on their own, cannot move, do not eat, and do not contain any cellular structures.