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June 2015

------- Shawna Florness, Associate Stylist -------

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Hello Sunshine!

Only one more month until summer ladies!! Whoop! Whoop!

Another school year is coming to an end and it seems this year in particular has gone by with lightening speed. I can't help myself from thinking that my boys are growing up way too fast! It is scary and yet exciting at the same time that my oldest will be graduating in two short years. I want it all to SLOW down...but of course, I know it won't. All I can do is enjoy every hockey and lacrosse game, every road-trip, every summer vacation, every "hey mom! what's for dinner?" and dare I say even every trip to the grocery store to feed these starving boys. Food makes them so happy! My Grandma used to tell me the all the time that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. It is so true!! :)
These boys of mine better find a wife that can cook or it's game over!

Anyways, enough about me and my hungry-all-the-time children! So many amazing things going on this month with Stella & Dot: dot dollars and hostess bonus days, fabulous trunk show exclusives, a stylist sign up promo, the release of our fall preview items, sample sale items, and teacher appreciation gift ideas!

Let's get to it!

Dot Dollars are Back!!

Most of you are already familiar with our Dot Dollars program but here's a recap: for every $50 spent between now and Jun 15th, you will earn $25 Dot Dollars which you can apply during our redemption period. For every $50 spent during the redemption period, you can apply $25 Dot Dollars - it is like shopping for half off!

Earning Period (now until Jun 15th) - Dot Dollars can be earned on anything in the line including trunk show exclusives.

Redemption Period (Jun 25th to Jul 2nd) - Dot Dollars can be spent on anything except: starter kits, gift cards, and Fall Preview items.

Our Dot Dollars program is one of our most-loved customer programs and it doesn't come around often so ENJOY!
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Trunk Show Exclusives

Spend $50 or more between May 29th - Jun 24th and you can get any of these items at 50% off. I have a feeling the Christina Link necklace and bracelet are going to be a big hit!

Dollars spent on show exclusives also qualify for Dot Dollars. Spend $50, shop these items at half off and then you can do even more shopping at half off during the Dot Dollar redemption period. It's a win-win!
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Hostess Bonus Days!!

Pic to the right is from an actual trunk show...unfortunately it wasn't mine! :)

Okay, focus Shawna...what am I supposed to be talking about again? Oh yeah! Hostess Bonus Days are back! Every June hostess will receive an extra $50 in free hostess credits on top of our regular hostess rewards. With some great trunk show exclusives, our Dot Dollar program, and a few fabulous NEW fall items to choose from, your guests are going to love it and a June trunk show is sure to be a hit. I have limited dates available for June, so if you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible to select a date.

Please keep in mind that I can do trunk shows in-home, online, by catalogue and I can even do a pop-up shop at work - whether its a salon, office, teacher's lounge or whatever the case may be! I am bendy and flexible like that! :)
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Stylist Starter Kit Rebate!

If you are on the fence about signing up to be a's time to jump off that fence!! can't be very comfortable up there! :)

Anyone who signs up during the month of June will have the opportunity to earn back the cost of their basic starter kit ($199) when they sell 1,000 in personal qualifying volume (PQV) within their first 30 days as a Stylist (we call this “Quickstart”!).

Check out the spreadsheet below to see how you can earn $800 - $1,100 in cash and product. All you have to do is this:
1) Sign up to become a Stylist in June with me as your Sponsor :)
2) Book one trunk show in your first 30 days (or hold your own) and sell approximately $1,000 in sales (an average sized trunk show)

3) Hold your own in June and you receive the $50 hostess bonus day promotion as well.

If this interests you at all, don't wait! Sign up now so you can get your samples right away and host your own trunk before the end of June! Easy peasy! As your Sponsor, I will help you every step of the way.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more and possibly joining my growing team of five, I'd be happy to share a glass of wine and chat anytime. I am truly enjoying time spent guiding all my team members and sharing in their excitement and successes. I find it very rewarding and it kind of "fills-my-cup" in a way I didn't expect!
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Fall Preview Capsule!!

I know it is difficult to think about fall when summer is just getting started, but like all companies in the fashion industry...we are always one step ahead. Our full Fall Collection will be released sometime near the end of July, however, we are releasing a small capsule of fall items on Jun 4th. I already love them all even though I haven't seen anything in person yet. Check it out!
Layered Delicates and Reversible Studs!!

This necklace set is definitely on my "Must Have" list! I love the colors and can't wait to wear one strand or two and layer it with other gold delicates. The aqua earrings are on my list too and will be the perfect summer staple - because yes, I even wear earrings at the pool, on the boat and to the beach (I can't help it - I feel naked otherwise!!!) :)

I have a feeling these styles will sell out fast and will end up on that terrible list that starts with the letter "b"....back-order.
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Black is the New Black - Avalon Tote and Matching Scarf
I get compliments all the time from complete strangers on my blush Avalon Tote so I was so excited to see that it is coming out in black. I have a feeling this beauty is going to sell out fast as well!

Hello black Avalon, meet my "Must Have" list!! :)
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6-in-1 Statement Necklace
I'm not sure exactly how this necklace works just yet...but I am definitely intrigued with anything that can be worn 6 different ways!
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Sample Sale

I still have some sample sale items that need a new home. Everything is 40-70% off! All sales are final (no GST) and are on a first come, first serve basis. Call or text me at 403-510-2044 or email me at if you see anything you are interested in. Pictures shown below.

There are also several items on sale on my website that you could pick up at great prices and earn Dot Dollars too! Check out the on-line sale here:

Sample Sale Items

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Need a year end gift for your child's school teacher, dance teacher, or piano teacher? Want to switch it up from flowers, wine, or the Chapters or Starbucks gift card? Here are some great ideas, sure to last longer than a week, everything is under $30 and comes in cute gift-ready packaging!
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Until Next Time...

June is one heck-of-a month at Stella & Dot and I hope you are able to take advantage of some of the really great promotions going on this month. Here's a recap:

Hostess Bonus Days - Jun 1 - 30th (extra $50 in free credit)
Trunk Show Exclusives - Jun 1 - Jun 24th
Dot Dollars - Earning Period - Jun 1 - Jun 15th
Dot Dollars - Redemption Period - Jun 25th - Jul 2nd
Fall Preview Capsule - available Jun 4th
Stylist Sign Up Special - Jun 1 - Jun 30th

If you have questions about any of these promotions, please do not hesitate to give me a call. I hope to hear from you soon!

Enjoy the sunshine and cheers to you all!


Shawna Florness

Associate Stylist
Stella & Dot

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