Denis Goldberg

By: Amanda Kasem

Denis Goldberg: Biography

Goldberg was born in 1933 on April 11th, and worked as an engineer, but was also a political activist. Joining the Modern Youth Society in 1953 whilst in University, he began to work with anti- apartheid organizations like the Congress of Democrats and the Communist party. He also worked with the Spear of the Nation, which was also referred to as the ANC army. Working underground to try and rebel against the government, Goldberg was caught and convicted alongside Mandela during the Rivonia trial. After being detained for 22 years, he was exiled to London, where he stayed with his family and continued his work for the ANC-- and even was a representative in the United Nation's Anti- Apartheid Committee, even receiving the Albert Lithuli peace prize for all his work, as he also worked to improve Black South African's standards of living in 1955, when he established the H.E.A.R.T Community. In 2002 he returned to South Africa and became Special Adviser to Water and Forestry Affairs.

Denis Goldberg: Significance

Goldberg was very influential in the anti- apartheid movement, and helped change many things about the government-- even when he was exiled from South Africa all together. He was one of the seven men in the Rivonia trial-- one of the most famous events of the anti- apartheid struggle-- and continued to fight South African government even after his detainment of 22 years. He helped manage and organise plans for the ANC's protests and struggles, and designed weapons for the ANC at some point, furthering the violence in South Africa. Although this might have sent the movement into chaos, it did strike fear into the government. After being exiled, he helped South Africa from afar-- helping coordinate ANC movements and improve the lives of black South Africans. He helped dismantle the apartheid, piece by piece until it was left in shambles.
Dennis Goldberg tells his story