Monday Magic Newsletter

Monday, MARCH 5, 2018


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Good Afternoon,

Please have your hours submitted by 2PM today! Be sure to look in the attendance notes in every class you teach. We are still missing several classes of costumes, and the ship dates are already into May. Please help us finalize these sizes.

Please read over the linked "March Studio Insider" tab. Parents may ask you questions about the content, so please read through and let me know if you have questions.

Have a great week!


Goal for the Week

Teachers- this week try and pair up dancers in TWC classes, play a name game, and make sure that your students know your name. Several parents have mentioned that their child doesn't have friends in the class, know the names of classmates or the teacher's name. Let's all solve this problem this week by ensuring that everyone meets a friend or two this week in class, and make sure to use your own name several times so they can remember it.

Switching and Adding Classes

Just a reminder: the last day to switch classes or add classes and still participate in the concert is Spring Break! After SB, dancers can take the class, but will not perform at the concert!

Parents cannot drop students from classes, so all switches will need to go through the office!

Concert UPDATE from Aud:

*Please refer to the google doc in the drive for concert information. The doc has been updated since the last faculty meeting. The direct link to the folder is:

*All of the music for the show is labeled and in the folder on the drive as well. The direct link to the music is:

Once Megan has finished editing the music, we will put the songs into the kj iTunes account on all of the iPads. Begin choreography with the songs that are in the drive folder, labeled with the letter code, song title, and legend initials.

*When parents ask about cast lists or nights of performances for Concert and RR Recital, all this is posted on the website. Please direct parents there for all concert questions.

Costumes INFO

Please make sure to grab any new students measurements and enter them into the notes section on their first day! Thank you so much with all your help gathering sizes. We are down to the wire on order dates, and I can't thank you enough for helping get these sizes for me!

You're the best!


Mark your Calendars:

Costume Pickup Day- April 27th, 2-5pm & 28th, 10-3pm

May 18-20th- Rhythm and Rhyme Recital

June 2-4- Spring Concert

Upcoming Competitions/Conventions:

Giving Gala- March 25th

Dupree Dallas- April 6th-8th

NYCDA Dallas- April 20-22nd