Party Project: Food and Bounce

By: Austin Bandy

Food Data and Better Buy

So as I looked into the prices of Burger Bonanza and Pizza Palace and concluded that the better buy is Pizza Palace, which has a y-intercept of $61.25 set up fee. It has an constant rate of change of $9.25 per student Burger Bonanza has a y-intercept of $20 for an catering fee and a constant rate of $10 per student. As you can see on the graph to the right Pizza Palace is the better but all together.

Equation of Pizza Palace- y=9.25x+61.25

Equation of Burger Bonanza- y=10x+20

If I the school had $1000 for Pizza Palace they could feed 98 students, while with $1000 for Burger Bonanza you can buy food enough to feed 101 students.

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Bounce, Bounce, Bounce!

In the table below you can see the prices of the two bounce house companies. One is Hopping Frog and the other is Jumpin' Jack! Jumpin' Jack is the better buy after the point of intersection, 4 hours, but only does services up to 8 hours. This is a better price with a y-intercept, set up and dismissal fee, of $84. It has a constant rate of change of $54 an hour while Hoppin' Around has constant rate of change of $75 per hour, no y-intercept fee. It all comes down to opinion. If you want longer services do Hoppin around, but If you cheaper in the long run do Jumpin' Jacks.

if you have $750 at Hoppin' Around you can buy 10 hours.


Hoppin' Around- y=75x+0

Jumpin' Jack= y=54x+84

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