Third degree burns

Jocelyn Lewis

The Cause

Most causes are scalding liquid, skin that comes in contact with hot object for an extended period of time, flames from a fire, an electrical source, or a chemical source.


Some symptoms are dry and leather skin, black, white, brown, or yellow skin, swelling, and lack of pain because nerve endings have been destroyed.
Burns: Classification and Treatment


The treatments depend on the severity of the burn. Some treatments are massage therapy, Hypnosis, Therapeutic touch, and Acupuncture.
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Interesting Facts

  • A skin graft is a piece of the child's unburned skin which is surgically removed to cover a burned area.
  • The area where the piece of unburned skin was taken to be donated to a burned area is called a donor site.
  • My dad had a third degree burn on his hand from a fish fryer. They took the skin from his belly and switched it with the burnt skin on his hand.