Health Screening results

results for two clients

Jakfer Diriye

Age: 17


Blood Pressure: 131/72

Resting heart rate: 72 bpm

Lung Capacity: 525

Waist to hip ratio: 1.04

BMI: 20.7

Body fat percentage: 15%

Strengths from results

The client is already quite active as he plays football and basketball occasionally at a hard level which means his cardiovascular will already be at a decent level. He has no Family commitments and Goes College in the day also works in the day which allows him to be quite flexible in evenings and make more time for exercise. He does not drink at all which is good and makes him healthier and possibly sharper.

He shows low stress levels and a high commitment to achieve his goal as he will not have a lot of distractions or setbacks.

The Clients BMI was normal and acceptable also his body fat percentage was good, in that area of the tests his scores were good and acceptable.

Areas to help and improve

The Client does suffer from a few medical issues. He has had a previous injury which means he suffers from a bone injury and also suffers from asthma. He also suffers from chest pains while doing physical activity which could set him back as he may have to do less intense exercise. The client smokes one maybe two cigarettes a day which maybe worse for him as he already suffers from asthma and chest pains. His blood pressure was normal but a little high so that can be reduced, results from his resting heart rate show that it is average which can be improved if he wants to become more healthier and fit,his waist to hip ratio is high and unacceptable he needs to reduce this.

Recommendations and lifestyle improvements

From looking at his results and lifestyle I can see the areas where he can improve. Firstly he should try to cut down on smoking try smoking one every other day then slowly one every other week or alternatively make it a social habit rather than a daily habit having a plan in place will make it easier to stop.

The blood pressure was normal but a little high so this can be improved simply by watching what you eat, eat foods with less salt and eat more fruit and vegetables.

Eat less takeaway food try reduce to once a week or alternatively eat different less fatty foods.

Niamh Pigott

Age: 18


Blood Pressure: 139/71

Resting Heart rate: 68 bpm

lung capacity: 320

waist to hip ratio: 0.7

BMI: 23

Body fat percentage: 28.2

Strengths from results

The client is already at quite a healthy level and also participates in physical activity at a hard level. She has no other health problems and is not taking any medication, or suffers from any disabilities, this mean we can give the client a quite intense exercise routine.

The client does also work in active role which means her cardiovascular system will already be good, she has no family commitments which means she has more time for exercise. She also shows a high level of commitment to achieve her goal. her resting heart results showed a very good score and also her waist to hip ration was excellent and doesn't need improvement. The clients BMI score was average which can be improved from exercising.

Areas to improve

She is a social drinker which means this could make her more unhealthy depending on how much she will drink. She shows that her blood pressure is a little high which can be caused by stress; also her body fat percentage was high which does need to be reduced.

The client does have an active job which may make her a little tired when coming to do physical activity and also varies and can work long hours so makes it hard for her to exercise on certain days.

Recommendations for lifestyle improvements

The client does not need to make massive adjustments as she in generally quite healthy state. I would suggest when social drinking to monitor how much she drinks make sure she does not drink too much on social events, she can do this by watching what she drinks and not exceeding the average alcohol consumption units.

To lower her body fat percentage I would say eat the right foods not to eat carbohydrates too late as it stores as fat, and also east healthy foods such as fruit, veg,etc. It would be good to do a few intense workouts which will lower your body fat percentage along with the right diet.