Patrick Bucket List

April 2015

Squirrel Diving

The erosion is physical the because water builds the land form. When you are flying, the wind pushes you ,and you start to glide. I would go with my friends, and I will do it at Colorado, Carolina, Spain, Switzerland, Mount Everest.

Snowboarding - Aspen, Colorado

I go will go snowboarding on Aspen Mountain. The erosion is physical because the wind is hitting the side of the mountain, and people cause erosion when they ski and snowboard.
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Snowboarding at Aspen Highlands

White Water Rafting - Yellowstone River, Colorado

The erosion is physical as the running water erodes the rocks.

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Surfing - Honolulu, Hawaii

The erosion is physical as the waves erode the rock by the shore and the sand.
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Rock Climbing - Grand Canyon, Colorado

Gravity and wind are the main causes for erosion on a canyon. I would like to go to Grand Canyon National Park.
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