By: Mikaela Brown

Where they live

They live in Idaho

What they lived in

Tepees, sand houses, wood houses.

What their houses are made of

Animal hide, wood, logs, mud, and sand
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What the people do

Some are warriors, chiefs, hide tanners, farmers

What Assuti Means

That means they are a small tribe that live together.
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What they use for tools

Spheres,hoes, and machetes. They use them to hunt, work with fields, and to cut their way when they are traveling.

What the tools are made of

Stone, and wood are the two main things they use.
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What they eat

Their traditional food is fish, bear, and deer.

How they get their food

The builders built canoes and the hunters would take their spheres and throw them at the fish and then pull them into the canoes.

Fun Facts

1.They helped Lewis and Clark

2.They roamed the blue mountains in Oregon.

3.They got called a big district.