Jocelyn Sudds Period 8


Indirect: I think Charlie has brown hair because on page 354 there is a picture of him on the see saw

Direct: There is a picture of Charlie on the see-saw, on page 354 that shows his appearance


Indirect: Charlie is a test subject for a new procedure. It says this on page 351 paragraph 5

Direct: Charlie's IQ is 68. It says this on page 351 paragraph 2


Indirect: Charlie said that "Miss Kinnian says i'm learning fast." this means the operation is working. Page 358 April 15.

Direct: Charlie says "I'm going back to work at the factory." Page 353 progress report 8.

Thoughts and Feelings

Indirect: Charlie says that "nothing is happening." He is getting very frustrated with the procedure. On page 353 progress report 7.

Direct: Charlie says " I'm scared" on page 352 progress report 5

Relationship with other characters

Indirect: Charlie says "I'm a slow reader too in Miss Kinnians class for slow adults but i'm trying very hard." Miss Kinnian is his teacher. It says this on page 348 progress report 2.

Direct: Charlie says "That's what my landlady Mrs. Flynn says.'' On page 357 paragraph 1.