The control centre

Function of the Thalamus


One of main function of the thalamus is consciousness. The thalamus controls sleep, unconscious and conscious.


The thalamus is a relay. It sends signals to the other parts of the brain. The thalamus takes in over 1 million pieces of information per second. All the information your eyes, ears, mouth, nose and skin is all relayed to thalamus and then sent off to its appropriate station.

Fun Facts

When your thalamus gets damaged you could get the urge to tell bad or inappropriate jocks and do not makes any sense.

There are two halves of a thalamus, each the size and shape of a walnut.


Since your thalamus controls if you are unconscious and conscious, if it is damaged in a concussion you could be in a coma for the rest of your life. It will mean you will most definitely be asleep for the rest of your life. And is unlikely to be fixed.

Also if it is damaged you could be confused because the signal is not reaching its destination.

Thalamic Syndrome

The thalamic syndrome is developed after thalamic stroke. person could have sever pain in the face, arms and legs.

Fatal Familial Insomnia

Fatal familial insomnia is a very rear genetic disease gets pasted down from parents to your grandparents ext. This decease degenerates the thalamus and the patient gets insomnia and eventually dies. And it progressively gets worse every day. It also causes hallucinations, delirium and confusional.


Thalamic Syndrome

There is no known cure or treatment to this disorders. So we hope that someone will find a cure soon so we can save more lives.

Fatal Familial Insomnia

There is also no known cure or treatment for this ether.