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FAPS Leadership Team Weekly Updates: September 19, 2016

September 27, 2016 FAPS Leadership (8-10 a.m. Board Office)


  • Joe and Kevin will lead Fierce Conversations Principle 1 Activity/Discussion
  • Teacher evaluation and your beginning of the year staff meetings. (Doug)
  • PLC's and PD (Melody)
  • LGBT in schools update (Adam)

MASA Conference

I will be at the MASA Conference from Wednesday to Friday.

If you need to contact me please email or call my cell.

Traveling Office

I will continue these next week. I will schedule a time via Google calendar. I had a great time at the MS and HS!

Fierce Principle 1: Master the Courage to Interrogate Reality

Taking Stock:

  • What are my goals when i converse with people?
  • Am I polite and say things I don't mean?
  • What are the economical, emotional, and intellectual cost to the company (FAPS) of not identifying and tackling the real issue?

"People change and forget to tell one another." -Lillian Hellman

Life is Curly!

Have you looked outside of your beach ball color?

"Most people want to hear the truth, even it is unpalatable." -Susan Scott

Introduction of Fierce Leadership

Guiding Questions from the Fierce Introduction

1. As you were reading the Introduction did you:

  • Relate to your personal life

  • Relate to your professional life more

  • Relate to both equally?

2. Discuss the accountability shuffle and how it relates to:

  • A time when you pointed your finger at someone

  • A time when someone pointed a finger at you

*What if your finger was pointed back at you...what would have changed?

3. Can we change others' orange juice? Can we change our orange juice? What’s squeezing you right now?

4. What conversation can you turn around right now and make it a Fierce one?

What is the risk?

  • I will be known

  • I will be seen

  • I will be changed

  • Other?

5. Have you listened to yourself during this activity? What did you hold back? How can you get closer to what it is you need to get across?

Turning Problems into Solutions

Pink Bat by Michael McMillan: Whiteboard Video

A Few Good Reads