FEC Weekly News

September 23rd, 2015

Happenings at FEC...

As most of you know, Nehemiah Miller (Trish's class) had a younger brother who died this past weekend. FEc will be sending flowers to the funeral. Trish will be attending on Friday. We are in contact with Anne at Bartley to determine how we can best support Nehemiah when he returns on Tuesday. I know that Nehemiah's mom has received outreach and support from the FEC staff - I love working in a place where people go out of their way to help others.

Thank you to Lisa for working with the Thrivent company!! Thrivent donated a tub of fidgets and sensory items for us to use with our kiddos who have sensory needs. Please make sure to use them if you need them for a student - they are on the bottom shelf of the red cabinet in the therapy room.

Our bus aide Bonnie's last day is this Friday. Please make sure you sign her card in the office. The bus barn is having a going away party for her at 8:15 am on Friday. I know this is not a time when most people can go, but if you are not in the classroom and know Bonnie, this would be a great time to stop by.

Have a great week!!

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Dates to Remember...

September 28th: Luncheon

October 2nd: Early Release and Homecoming

October 12th: PD Day, am with Ginny (PLC/priority standards continued)

October 16th: FEC Rodeo for Disability Awareness Month

October 19th: Baby shower for Anna Marie and Christina

October 22nd and 23rd: Jen gone at PAT training

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Dayne's Tree Update

Carla has ordered Dayne's plaque and it should be in within a week. Thanks to everyone who was able to donate to the cause!


Homecoming is next Friday. This will be the first early release day that we will be having school at FEC. Please remind parents that our afternoon classes will dismiss one hour early, and that our morning classes will not be affected by the early release. We are working to order some things to decorate our trailer. And thank you Kara for letting us use your truck and trailer!!


Thank you to Jourdan for working so hard to help solve our meeting issue. I know that we have a LOT of sped meetings, and I truly appreciate all of you going above and beyond to attend these meetings. Jourdan is working to protect dates when possible. As of right now, we will not be slowing down. A positive is that people know about our services, and that we are meeting the needs of more students. :)

I've talked with Brian, and for now, please let me know before sending a bus request for the pm. However, if the pm class is the only opening or the best place for the child, we will provide them with transportation. We are hoping to solve this issue soon.


As you move through our building, please keep confidentiality in the back of your minds at all times. With our building set up, there are often parents or community members in our front hallway or in our sitting area outside my office. If you need to speak with someone about a student, please just be aware of who is around you, and feel free to close the door. Thank you!!! :)