St. Cloud Area YMCA

Back into Action!

A Long Weekend Followed by a Fantastic Week!

What an explosive week at camp!! The Lindbergh Museum and Little Falls Zoo was a great way to end a short week!! We had low numbers, but this week we will see our usual high numbers. Reminder to bring water bottles, suits, sunscreen, close toed shoes, and a YMCA attitude! If you can, try to write your child's name on everything, that way when it gets put into lost and found (which is getting really big!!) we can help sort and find the correct home, faster!

New Week's theme is...............Pirates and Princess's

What to look forward to:

*Treasure Hunts
*Paper Roll Parrots
*Popsicle Boats
*Pirate Hats and Hooks
*Gym Activities
*Peter Pan or Hook (movie)
*Park Walks
*Pirate Storm Bottles

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments!