This Is How We Lakeview

April Edition: Volume 3

Thank you for all your help getting the parking lot flowing in the morning. We have had an officer out there the last 2 days and I think that it has really helped. I appreciate everyone keeping the line moving.

The students have done an amazing job with the Ohio State Assessments the past two weeks so please celebrate them at home! 7th graders (unless they have make up tests to complete) are now finished with the state tests. 8th graders have this week off and will test again for science the following week.

Reminder that students need their ID or lunch code card if they get lunch from the cafeteria. If slows down the line if they do not have their card on them. We have re-printed a ton of cards this week so please double check that your student has theirs.

Rachael Hanagan


PAW time Updates

This week in PAW Time students focused on their Digital Citizenship. 7th grade students explored friendships and social media and our 8th graders learned about appropriate ways to stay connected. Check out the linked videos and content to help support your students and their digital presence.

Friendships and Social Media

Staying Connected

For more resources on students use of social media check out this great article from Common Sense Media on helping your student navigate social media use.

Cell Phones need to be off and away during the school day

We have seen an increased number of students with cell phones out, especially in the hallways and the cafeteria. Per board policy, students at the junior high level may use a personal communication device (cell phones) ONLY before and after school. Any other time, the device is to be powered off completely and stored out of sight. Typically, we have students put devices in their lockers but since we do not have lockers this year, we are asking them to keep them powered off and in their backpacks. We have made announcements all this week about cell phones and have warned students that they will receive a lunch detention if we see them moving forward.

I have attached the Board Policy on Personal Communication Devices below for your reference.

Mobile Dentist-Rescheduled for May 7th!

Good news! You have more time to sign your student up to see the Dentist at school. The Ohio Dental Outreach will now be at our school on May 7th. A form went home with your student in February or you can fill it out online at If you have any questions please email the school nurse (

Last dates for Ohio's State Assessments are April 27-28th

The remaining Ohio State Test is for all students taking Science 8 or Integrated Science. The dates for this are April 27-28th. With 8th grade VLA students coming in on April 27th.

A few tips for Ohio State Tests:

1. Make sure your student's Chromebook is charged

2. Have your student get a good night's sleep

3. Reminder your student that all personal devices (cell phones, Apple watches, etc) will need to be powered off during testing

4. Make sure your student eats a good breakfast (or grabs breakfast when they get to school)

5. Please avoid scheduling any outside appointments on these dates

District Announces VLA plans for 2021-2022 School Year

PLSD has finalized our plans for the Virtual Learning Academy for the 2021-2022 school year.

All of the information can be found on the new PLSD Virtual Learning Academy website:

Major Points of Interest:

  1. Official Registration for the VLA will be from April 26th - May 9, 2021. Registration will happen in the Parent Portal of Infinite Campus.

  2. Issue #1 of The Virtual Direction (the VLA newsletter) is now available.

  3. Courses offered are available on the site.

  4. If you have any questions about the PLSD VLA please email

Thank you for your interest in the Pickerington Schools Virtual Learning Academy.

The Community Corner

Recent Updates

  • Our April Change Chat will take place this coming Wednesday, the 21st, during lunch periods. This month’s chat will focus on student feedback from previous Change Chats, which will then lead into the first meeting of the Lakeview Leadership Team as they begin to envision their roles in the building next year.

  • Lakeview Leadership Team members should receive an email next week with information about the first meeting. That meeting will be during the week of April 26-30.

  • Has your student done something awesome or noteworthy? Do you want to celebrate them and their accomplishment? In future Community Corners, we hope to highlight more of our students through the Student Spotlight feature. We have updated the Family Feedback Form to include an area where you can share the details that you want to highlight about your student. Check it out!

Updates from the Family Feedback Form

  • We have not received any new questions or concerns since the last newsletter.

Student Spotlight

Congratulations to Lakeview's Destination Imagination Team of Natalie Wharton, Audrey Genheimer, Abby Stanley, and Alicia Indyk. After winning their regional competition, these individuals competed in the State Tournament over Spring Break and ended up finishing 6th in the state.

We want to congratulate the team for their hard work and the many hours that they put into getting prepared for the competition. Way to go!

If you want to view their submission, it is linked below.

DI Central Challenge - States

The Lakeview Family Feedback Form

This form will be linked in each Community Corner update, allowing families to offer feedback to the counseling and administrative team regarding social justice, mental health, academic support, friendships/relationships, etc. Counselors and administrators will review the feedback on a weekly basis and send out any updates to concerns/questions in the next Community Corner update.

2021 PHSN Girls Soccer for current 8th Graders

The 2021 PHSN girls’ soccer season is quickly approaching. Preseason workouts will begin on June 7th at 6 pm at the high school soccer practice fields behind the second stadium. Any students interested in playing high school soccer are highly encouraged to join us for a special meeting for 8th graders on April 22nd from 7-7:45 pm. The meeting will be held in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) at North high school. In this meeting we will share the complete plans for the 2021 season. In addition, a short question and answer session will be held at the end of the meeting.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, Families should sit together with their child(ren) and stay distanced from others. Also, at the end of the meeting, unless you have questions for the coaches, we ask that you please leave the facilities immediately. Please do not stay to socialize with friends or family in the PAC.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Coach Doug Peterson at