No Promises in the Wind Theme

The will to survive

No Promises in the Wind

The story is about two boys that run away from home. They are not getting what they need at home so they try their luck on the road. Josh and Joey are 15 and 10 years old. The brothers and their friend, Howie, hit the road to try to survive. They have to do anything to stay alive.

Man vs. Society and Man vs. Nature

Josh, Howie, and Joey are playing music to make money. When a tragic accident stuns the boys they have to fight to stay alive. They go around getting any food they can. They have to struggle to find shelter and shield themselves from the weather. The boys are forced to do thing they never thought they would have to do in their entire lives.

Characters Actions

Josh runs away from home because of how his dad treats him. He feels as if his dad doesn't love him anymore. He and his dad had a good relation ship when Josh was young but that faded when Joey was born. He and his dad now have a hostile relationship because the money got tight. "That night as kitty cried, I wondered if dad was capable of loving anyone." He has to find a job to keep them alive.

Joey loves his brother very much so when Josh runs away Joey goes with him. They are doing well until a tragic accident that rocks Joey. Joey is forced to help more and behave a lot older. Joey has to mature very quickly and figure out the world is not a good place.

Contrast between characters

Josh and Joey are both brothers that ran away from home. Josh is a 15 year old that has a love for music. He is extremly talented at playing the piano.Josh is blinded by his feelings. Joey, his little brother is very young so this is not a problem for him. Joey loves his brother very much, he will do almost anything for him.