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Aphasia Is A Language Disorder

Before a word comes out of his mouth, has someone else already said. "Yes, yes", he calls beaming, happy that he has managed to avoid stumbling again. He enjoys the conversations in the group, looking with interest at the pictures that are handed him. If anything he is asked, he nods. "Yeah," he says, mostly. But it could just as well mean no.

What is aphasia?
"Aphasia is a language disorder," says therapist an nick Seem enema. "People, who have suffered brain damage, can then sometimes less good with language. Depending on the area in the brains where the damage occurred, clients are less able to speak, read or write. One finds it difficult to make correct sentences another to understand things. "" The strain on most clients can make more intelligible, "adds Anita Tulsa accompanist to.

The Aphasia Center is working on this by discussing; telling what they did over the weekend or to explain what is on photos they have brought themselves. News "The people who come to us have a rehabilitation program behind which is trying to recover as much as possible. Damage in the brains This group mainly works on maintaining the voice and even improve, if possible, a little. Clients can as long as they want to get involved, "explains Tulsa out. "And women are of course also welcome."