Keeping it All Together!

Tech Tips, Tricks and Tools for Testing Season

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3 Minute Countdown Video Tobu Music Mashup

Add a little variety to your training presentations!

Use different presentation tools

Make it interactive

Use fun YouTube Videos to break things up. (Upload yours to my padlet page.)

Top 10 Tools I Could Not Live Without!

  1. Testhound
  2. Passwords in Google Sheets
  3. Smore
  4. Link everything you can!
  5. One Note (ipad app & web based)
  6. Snipping Tool (Office, One Note, Evernote)
  7. Google Forms
  8. Countdown Timers - search YouTube
  9. Smore - The Big List
  10. Paper Planner - My Favorite - Erin Condren Life Planner

Organizing Tools

Record Everything!


Beg, Borrow and ... Network!!

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Carie Barthelemess

Hallsville ISD

Interim Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Accountability