Remove Carpet Stains

Items Used To Remove Carpet Stains

There are some incidents that may happen and can ruin your carpeting at home. Simple as a melted chocolate spilled in the carpet can surely make you depress. One more thing is the stain it leaves in the carpet that seem so hard to remove. Good thing there are many products available in the market that can help in removing carpet stains. For sure many homeowners will want to know what are they. Down below are some of the items you can use in cleaning your carpet.


Take out the stains present from the carpet by wiping them using sponge with 1 cup of clear ammonia in 2 liters warm water. Allow it to dry completely and do it again if necessary.


Eliminate stubborn stain from carpets. Moisten the entire area, then rub some borax. Let the area dry and start blotting it with equal ratio of vinegar and soapy water. Allow it to dry. Do this again if needed. Remember to test it first on small carpet scrap before directly applying it to your carpeting.


This item is best used with milk in removing ink on the carpet. Mix the milk and cornstarch well to create a paste. Then apply the mixture to the ink stain. Let the paste to dry on the carpet for few hours and then brush it off to remove the dry remnants and vacuum it.

Baby Wipes

This works well with coffee spills from your carpet because it take in both the stain and the liquid. These wipes are also effective when dealing with different spills on clothes and furniture.


It is effective to used when treating a white carpet suffered from red wine spills. When the red wine is still moist, pour some white wine to attenuate the color. Then use a sponge and cold water to clean the spot. Scatter the salt in the affected area and wait for about 10 minutes. Now it is the right time to vacuum all the mess in the carpet.

Buy these items so anytime you might be needing to remove carpet stains you are ready. But if you don’t prefer not to clean the carpet on your own, you can hire professional carpet cleaners here!