Antarctica's Renewable


Why use diesel when you could own the WIND TURBINE!

Diesel being transported from overseas to Antarctica is expensive so you need some source of an efficient renewable energy. The wind turbine is the most efficient source of renewable energy and will provide an infinite amount of electricity in your isolated location. As you know Antarctica is a desolate desert and transporting diesel is hazardous if an accident is to be caused, harming the pristine environment and unique wildlife. Due to the fact that your surrounding is near the ocean a spill will majorly affect the ocean life.

Geothermal possiblity

There is a possibility that your area could present the foundations for geothermal energy to be used. Of course there is still a chance that there will be no source of any geothermal heat and thus cannot be used. In addition, geothermal plants can take up huge amounts of land which would be pristine in Antarctica.

Renewable sources: Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine

Through the power of the wind the wind turbine's blade will rotate in a 360° manner and in the process activating the movement of the gears thus generating enough mechanical energy that transforms into electrical energy. By using this system it will maintain your desolate village into a striving community and in the process save energy bills. This method is very efficient and is especially effective where your town is located. The efficiency is based off the strong winds that the ocean winds that beholds in Antarctica.

Wind Turbines / Wind Power / Wind Energy (3D animation)

Less Money!

The above cost is only if you run the same amount of electricity in a large home in the city. So if you were planning to turn this village into a thiving economy, that would be the cost. However, if you just want to be an ordinary village then it would be half the cost which is $480,000. Press the button on the right if you follow the cheap plan.