Elizabeth Gosselin

AA Organizational Management, BA History

A little bit about me...

I am planning on working towards earning my Master's Degree at Ashford once I graduate with my BA in History in a few months. I will be working towards a double specialization in Adult Learning and Distance Learning. I want to use my degree to teach History online at the college level. I am considering furthering my education after Ashford with a PhD in History if I can find an online program that will allow me to do so. I also have an interest in writing historical fiction and possibly non fiction articles for scholarly journals. I decided to become a mentor because I enjoy helping other people. I strongly believe in the value of an education and I would like to help others build a firm foundation so they will be successful at Ashford. My husband started at Ashford about two years before I did and he was like a mentor to me in the beginning. I feel like his advice was invaluable and I would like to provide the same feeling for others. I believe my success in school has been because of my attention to detail. I enjoy writing and it has always come easy for me. I think time management skills and being organized helps as well.