affects and knowledge of 9/11


muslim children are now starting to feel the affects of 9/11. kids growing up as a muslim american are being racially exiled from society by americans with hate in their hearts. muslims who are trying to raise a family in america are having to explain to their kids about why these people look at them in bad and hurtful ways. it is affecting these kids moral and the will to live. its not right for these kids to grow up like this. Muslim kids sadly are the ones who are mostly affected. Even my father has been victim to this, and hes not even muslim, but he is a brown man.

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9/11: how schools taught it

septemeber 11 is a day i do not remember all too well. i remember my teachers not talking about the topic. schools affected the way i learnedabout this topic in a filtering type of way. I remember not evenhearing about 9/11. But when i did these people went home not to heaven, they werent muslims, they were crazy people. Teachers filter what students hear thats why i didnt know the full story till i was in middle school.

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