Internet Find of the Week - October 31, 2012

Facebook Privacy Settings

With all our talk recently about social media, I thought it might be helpful to encourage everyone who has a Facebook account to take a look at your Privacy Settings.

Facebook is notorious for tweaking its Privacy Settings, and not notifying its users. Facebook believes that the Internet is better when it is shared. Sometimes it shares things with the whole world that you might have wanted to share with only a few close friends. That's the price we pay for swimming in the Facebook pool.

Did you intend on sharing your cell phone number or home number with the Facebook world? Go to your timeline, select the About section and scroll down to Contact Info. Either remove your phone numbers or choose who exactly you want to see them.

While understanding Privacy Settings is good for your own protection, having a better understanding will help you teach your own children how to protect themselves from those who troll Facebook wanting to do evil.

Below is a video to show you in greater detail how to manage your Privacy Settings. Remember, Facebook is always making changes, so you would be wise to check your settings frequently.

Facebook Privacy Settings How-To

iPad App of the Week - Newseum

Want to know what events are making the front pages of our nation's newspapers? The Newseum app is a collection of 846 front pages from newspapers all over the country. This app is a tool offered by the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

Get the app here: Newseum

Check out the Newseum's Digital Classroom page for other resources. Digital Classroom