Camp Learn A Lot

November 16, 2015

Dear Parents,

I hope your child had a great first week with me as the teacher. I really enjoyed our learning time and I feel we accomplished a great deal together! We made some changes to improve our classroom community with many of the suggestions coming directly from the children themselves. They often have such great ideas that I've decided to create a suggestion box for our classroom!

By foregoing the spelling test last week, it gave me the opportunity to assess each student's developmental spelling stage. We will resume our word study this week with all students receiving the same word study list so that we can review word study routines together. You will receive word sorting cards and a word study list Tuesday 11/17 in your child's red folder. Your child can play games and take practice tests at SpellingCity (no login required). The assessment over these words will be Monday 11/23. When students return from Thanksgiving Break, I will begin meeting with differentiated word study groups on an offset 6 day rotation. More info to come!

This school year we have had some challenges in our classroom with toys escaping from pockets and backpacks into our learning environment. Unless a student has earned show and tell, please encourage your child to keep toys at home. This includes, but is not limited to, Shopkins, Pokemon cards, HotWheels, and action figures. Toys can be disruptive to our learning environment, cause jealousy among the other children, get lost in a classroom, or altogether forgotten. Thank you for your support and your understanding.

As always,

Kelly Burton


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Install the Instagram app and follow @mrskellysimon to view our classroom photos and videos. This is a different account from the one you may have used with Mrs. McKamie. Our classroom's stream will showcase student work, good attitudes, good choices, best work, student reading recommendations, birthday boys and girls, field trip memories, and document all the fun things we do as we learn together each day! For safety reasons my Instagram account is set to private, no student names are posted, and I do not post geolocation information. If you follow my Instagram, I will verify you are a Camp Learn A Lot parent before approving your follow. In an effort to allow parents to maintain their own Instagram private lives, I do not follow parents back.


GoNoodle helps kids channel their physical and emotional energy for good! These short desk-side physical activities help me manage the energy level of the classroom and improve student performance. Students participate in a variety of purposeful movements designed to get the wiggles out and refocus the classroom — all in five minutes or less! Check out the class' current favorite, Pop See Koo!

Pop See Koo

Teaching Points

This week in Wordy Study we will practice word study routines. Your child will learn:
  • Logophiles study word patterns, such as long and short vowel sounds.
  • Logophiles record and reflect on the word patterns they're studying.
  • Logophiles challenge themselves to sort words in different ways.
  • Logophiles study word patterns with a partner.

This week in Reading Workshop we will continue our unit on taking charge of reading with a focus on reading comprehension and solving tricky words. Your child will learn:

  • Readers get stronger by reading a lot!
  • Readers scoop up words in phrases.
  • Readers stop and think as they're reading.
  • Readers mark their thinking with a sticky note.
  • Readers persevere and draw on everything they know to figure out tricky words.
This week in Math Workshop we will continue our unit on addition and subtraction. Your child will learn:
  • Mathematicians use ballpark estimates to check whether their answers to multi-digit addition problems are reasonable.
  • Mathematicians use base-ten blocks to model addition strategies.
  • Mathematicians use paper-and-pencil methods (partial-sums algorithm) to solve addition problems and use ballpark estimates to check whether their answers to multi-digit addition problems are reasonable.

This week in Writing Workshop we will continue our unit on opinion writing with a focus on raising the level of our letter writing. Your child will learn:

  • Writers share opinions about characters.
  • Writers get energy for writing by talking with other writers.
  • Writers read closely and carefully to grow new ideas and generate more writing.
  • Writers make their writing stronger by writing opinions about more than one part of the book.
  • Writers gather more evidence to support their opinions about a text.

Miss Kelly Burton

My goal as an educator is to instill a passion for learning and inspire students to continuously challenge themselves to be "the best me I can be." I believe that all students can experience success in school. It is my role as the teacher to facilitate, guide, and support students on their learning journey. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding your child.