Be a Witness to Fitness!!!

Incorporating Physical Activity Into Our Classroom

The Witness to Fitness program is the perfect way for students to be active while still learning in the classroom. We want to incorporate physical activity in our classroom to increase the blood flow and attention of our students. This will provide the students with a brain break that will increase the academic performances.

Rules & Regulations

  • Students will be in a safe environment with enough space for movement.
  • There will be no horseplay allowed, preventing injuries and falls.
  • While in the classroom, students will use their inside voices.
  • Students will be respectful to the teacher and one another.

About Us

Lakeview Elementary School

Procedures for Activity Time & Consequences

Procedures for Activity Time:

  • If additional space is needed, desks and objects in the classroom will be moved to the side.
  • Students will spread out with enough room for their activity.


  • If rules are broken, students will need to sit out of the activity that day.
  • If rules are broken accessively, students will be sent to the office for the remainder of the class period, with a phone call home.

Time of Activities

Physical activity will take place 2-3 times per day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon. These activites will last about 5- 10 minutes. These activities will be done in the same classroom everyday to provide space and organization.

Ideas for Family Involvement

Families can be involved in these activities as well! We have provided the students with an activity calendar to bring home for parents and families to look at. There are all sorts of activities provided that will bring fun and fitness home to you!